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BMW Accelerator Sticking?

My 1998 740i BMW Lemon - 2 Years and still 
BMW has not kept all of their promises

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Did you know that BMW does not report their Lemons -
So beware as Carfax and similar agencies may not know

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Please E-Mail BMW and request that they take care of their customers  (USA)

Does BMW keep their promises to its owners?

Do I really have a Lemon?

We have been getting around 100 hits a day and about 20 emails a day on this site.  Apparently something drastic has changed in the BMW management and the way it handles its customers.  We are working on a discussion group to be incorporated into this web page so people can converse with each other on certain makes and models of BMW and possible other manufacturers.  I hope it will be ready soon.  BMW should already have some sort of open lines to its customers, but with unanswered mail, phone calls and emails what are we to do.

We have also been told of at least three other vehicles that exhibit the same electrical malfunctions that I experienced with my 1998 740i, one seemed to be a exact replica of my car and problems and one was an older 7 series and one a 540.  These problems do exist even though BMW has chosen to ignore them .

Overview of Lemon Laws for Every State - New Site !  - home page

New Laws To help Lemon buyers   -  Georgia Lemon Complaint Form

How to sue the manufacturer  -  Substantive Law on the Web

Do a Lemon Check at Cars (Have your VIN Number ready)

General Motors V6 Engine Link


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