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What a pleasure to know others had similiar diffculties with their "Ultimate Driving Machine" I owned a 1995 325IS that was in the BMW Dealer, South Motors in Miami Florida for 46 days.
Allow me to give a partial list of the problems:
1. Fog lights replaced nine times because they filled with water and began to smoke. "Normal operating conditions" per BMW and the tens of the representives they brought in.
2. Car would shift like a Mack truck. At times, I couldn't move the shifter that's how rough the shifting was.
3. The leather seat faded to the point I though the car had white seats, not tan.
4. The wipers completely did not work at times. I was forced to wipe the window with my hands.
5. The All Season Traction would go on at times and the entire car would lock up.
6. The power seat would leak all over the back seat carpet. BMW told me it was not a problem because of its location!!
7. The A/C never worked properly. They insisted to tell me that worked properly at 85 degrees.
This is only a partial list--I have over 23 problems. I never encountered a worse company or dealer to work with. The service manager, George Ault, accused me of being "crazy and nothing better to do than bother them." They insisted the car had no problems while it spent more time on a flatbed than in my garage. They were rude disrespectful, unmindful of the money I was spending, and simply unreasonable.
The BMW representives acted like there was nothing wrong and did nothing to help. I proceeded with Lemon Law, but luckily the car was totalled (the best thing that ever happened to me) three weeks before arbitration.
I would love to help you in your crusade in any way. I truly hate BMW and would do anything to help others because I know what it is like to spend 500 per month for a junker.
Adam Schwartz
Please feel free to post my letter and.or number on your site.