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I bought a 318 back in 1984 when the new models came out. My car was in the shop every month for two years.  Four or five window lift motors in each door(the dealer said it was because they were plastic), an a/c compressor, two or three a/c dryers, electric antennae lift motor, on and on and on.  It was thousands of dollars in work.  Luckily  I was under warranty and the dealer had to eat the cost.
At just under two years I sold it before the warranty ran out!  And I only had to pay a few hundred dollars on the loan amount relative to the sales price because of its depreciation!
I was one of the lucky ones, I got out alive.
I then bought a 1972 Impala.  It was owned by a little old lady who only drove on Sundays. It had 22,000 miles on it.  I paid $2,000 and added a paint job.  I then kept the car for the next twelve years.  Drove it across the country, on vacations, etc.  Due to its age, I only kept liability insurance for $38.00 per month.  And when did break (which was rarely) it rarely cost over $100.00.
I was just again, after a decade away, starting to pine away for a nice used 635i, forgetting all about the blocked memories of the BMW.  Then I found all these lemon BMW horror stories.
I guess I'll just keep driving $2,000 cars and spend the BMW car payments on vacations and ski trips.