From: christopher phillips []
Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 1999 8:17 PM
Subject: 1995 318is=DEATH
I owh a 95 318is, bought it new. It has a very scary feature, nondeploying airbags and seatbelts that don't lock. While driving home from the hospital after work, my girlfriend was in an accident. A car in front of the car she was following, for no apparent reason, stopped in the middle of the green light. The following car was able to stop, but she plowed into it at around 40mph. ABS apparently failed with no warning light before hand. She was thrown forward due to the failed seatbelt. The driver airbag also failed to deploy. She was then thrown hard back into the seat causing a severe concussion to the rear of her head, severe injuries to the neck and back. If you own a 95 3 series I would appreciate any info if you have had any failures like this or a website that can list them. 
Thanx, Christopher