From: Thomas Bryan []
Sent: Sunday, December 13, 1998 2:08 AM
Subject: Sorry to hear that!

I'm sorry to hear about your recent problems with BMW.  I have always been a "hard-core" bmw enthusiast and recently bought my first one.  I can relate all too well with what you're saying.  I think it's important to tell BMW what the consumer's are saying.  In your support, I have mailed the below message to BMW:
Dear BMW,
I am in love with my BMW!  As you can tell by the time of this e-mail, I like to read up on the Internet about the new accomplishments that BMW has received.  I own a 1994 BMW 318i convertible that I have fully converted to look exactly like a 1998 M3 convertible. 
Much to my dismay, I was upset to find this webpage regarding what terrible service a gentleman in Georgia, USA has had with you.  You too can read about it at .
My personal opinion is that this sounds all too complicated to be made up.  If in fact you treated this gentleman in such a manner, I too may have to become a member of the Mercedes family.  Interestingly enough, when I recently had my car serviced, the 5 series the dealership loaned me had similar radio problems.  The dealership was in awe to hear that anything would be wrong with this brand new 1998 car. 
All I can say is that I have had a serious eye opener by reading this story about one man against a giant car manufacturer.  BMW's are not $15,000 domestic cars, where people have to buy them just because they can't afford any other means of transportation.  We buy BMW's because of the name, the performance, and the service.  Everyone I meet asks if the service is outrageously priced.  Though it is more expensive than domestic cars my reply is that my BMW may cost more to service, however, doesn't need serviced as much as your American car.  That's because it's a great car backed up by a great company.  This however, may not be the case. 
Could the traditional BMW philosophy be changing?  Do you really care about your customers?  I have seriously been thinking it's time to upgrade to a higher model.  Now that I think about it, I may want to weigh my options when spending that much money for a car that the manufacturer will no longer back up.  This story is troubling.  It really is.  All this bad publicity, for what? 
The really sad part is that it doesn't just look bad on you, but it looks bad on ME!  Why?  Because I'm one of those who spent all that money to buy a "LEMON."  I suggest you nip this problem in the bud, real fast.  We can't have people running around claiming that BMW's are horrible cars.  If you lose the image, what more do you have left?  A VERY expensive hunk of metal and no one to buy it.
Very concerned and ashamed,
Thomas E. Bryan