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Sam Swope BMW of Louisville's Dedicated Page


I dedicated this page to the BMW dealership in Louisville Kentucky where I get many complaints and thought that they deserved their own dedicated page.

Sam Swope BMW located in Louisville, KY.

I invite others that have had problems with Sam Swope BMW to email me at and share their experiences.  Maybe someone at Sam Swope will start to listen?

January 6, 2005 - Well where I am at now is that Swope has now refused to service my car under the Certified Warranty which I purchased from them.  They lied to me about the previous owner of the car and I was told today by Mr. Meier that he and Mr. Swope no longer wanted to deal with me in any way.

January 3, 2004 - I call Edwin at Sam Swope BMW Service because my Traction control light and ABS lights are staying lit - I ask him when he can get my car into service - he tells me "Since you gave BMW a bad report on me, we no longer want to service your vehicle."  Of course this really surprised me because the report gave BMW gave him personally an completely excellent  review - what the bad part of the report was is that Sam Swope BMW had never fixed the problems.  In addition, BMW takes a customer satisfaction survey every time a car is in the shop, however, the last 12 times my car was serviced, it was never turned into BMW for this review.  So this was the first time in over two years I was allowed to tell BMW the problems I had with Sam Swope BMW.  I have a serious Safety issue with my car and Sam Swope is refusing to even look at it - even though it is under warranty.

January 6, 2004 call from Mike Meier - Stated that he and Dick Swope have reviewed my service records and this web site and that they feel that there is no way that they can satisfy me.  What a joke - what they apparently are saying is that there is no way they can fix my car  - That they no longer consider me a customer of Sam Swope and when I asked about my 100,000 warranty they told me that they would honor all commitments made and then I explained that I could not get an appointment since I was told that Swope was no longer to deal with me since I gave them a bad review to BMW - Mr. Meier stated that I could set up an appointment with him and I asked for when I could get an appointment he stated that they would not provide me with a loaner car as agreed when I purchased the vehicle.  And these guys wonder why I am no frustrated - they do everything in their power NOT to service their customers.

Mr. Meier also replays that he has spoken with Dick Swope and they both feel that I am being unreasonable - I want my car repaired - yeah that is unreasonable - they sold me a car and lied about the previous owner - the cars has major problems - My stereo amplifier is fired and speakers disappear from the car while in service - I bring in this copy of the web page and practically beg the employees of Swope including Mr. Meier to read it and they tell me "they dont have the time." - It looks like Mr. Swope has a winning team here and the dozens of emails I get about his bad service I have not been posting as it would look like an attack on his dealership but now I can see it wouldn't do any good as he is simply not interested in correcting wrong doings but rather ignoring them  - Anyone needing any information on Swope that I have or emails that I have receiving for any proceedings, please fell free to contact me.


Here is a good example of just one customers continuing dealings with the dealership.  I was approached by Ms. Patty Swope to remove their name from this web site as she indicated not that the problems were ever resolved, just that in her words, "enough time has passed and I think everything has calmed down."

I replied back stating that if they actually addressed and responded to the problems I would consider removing the content.  She never contacted me again.

The cars below were one by one individual - imagine how many other stories are out there.

1998 740il - Electrical lemon problems witnessed by Swope

1989 750il - Over $1,000 per month in maintenance - Swope continue to duplicate and triplicate charges promising a refund.

1998 750il - Took car in to repair the sunroof and they destroyed the interior - including major holes in the leather - grease on the ceiling and scratched on the exterior paint.

2000 328ic - Purchased a Certified BMW - Told me that I was buying a service loaner of theirs instead it belonged to someone in Tennessee who they refuse to honor certain warranty issues because of things he had done to the car.  They lied to me about the history on the car and they refuse to fix problems and also even refused to document the problems.


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