From: dayna cartwright []
Sent: Friday, November 13, 1998 1:26 AM
Dear "Mad"-
Well, I don't have a horror story because I don't yet have my BMW. Fact is, I have wanted a BMW for about a decade since I was in college. This week, I decided to be kind to myself and get my dream car, as I felt I deserved it. Found my local BMW dealership to be totally arrogant, so was trying to buy around them by going to another luxury dealer's pre-owned car lot. Found a car today, but came home to sleep on it. Something told me to do some research, and have thus spent the past several hours on every conceivable web site geared toward BMW's. Found your site (and many others), and have to say that I am confused and depressed. Was truly expecting that my BMW (which was going to be a slight financial stretch for me as it was) would be a dream car, but am now not sure. Am still upset at way the dealer treated me (made me wait 5 hours total through the sales/finance process and never once apologized for the wait) and then the finance manager was so rude and arrogant that I literally burst into tears in the dealership and called my husband. Am disgusted at myself for letting them get to me, but was still undeterred in my want of a BMW.
After reading the "My BMW Horror Stories" site, I decided that I should switch to my other choice of cars, which was a 900 Saab convertible (also a '95). My gosh.... they have an even more bitter and horrific tales of woe than even the BMW site. So here I sit, close to midnight and totally depressed. I think I'll go and get the pre-owned Lexus that I should have gotten to begin with. I can't find any Lexus hate sites, so perhaps that's a good sign. I feel that God works in mysterious ways, and perhaps finding this web site was His way of sending me a sign.
Sorry to hear you've had such a bad time. Hope all ends up well for you. Glad I found this site before it was too late.
- Grateful in Texas